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...So you may have noticed that I created this and then proceeded to never write in it. I'm still here, though, still reading the f-list, and still intending to actually write in it someday! xD Sorry for being such a flake!

I've been less of a flake (but still a flake) on my writing blog on Wordpress and will likely update that more often, if anybody has any interest in Writing Blather. That's definitely something I'm writing more for me than for any particular audience, so it's likely to make no sense at several points, but when did I ever make sense in the first place, even when I was trying to?

♥ to all.

la la la

I am a real human I swear, that is like so true, I am so not even remotely fictional. heliadelphinus says I may give fictional lap-dances? maybe so, maybe so. But maybe not. This is a test. one two three doot doot doot la di da

my name is Emily I am twenty-one but nearly twenty-two I like everybody I am from the Northwest I am largely unemployed I like red wine and writing about people doing nothing and I sing on key most of the time but I have trouble not wandering into jazzland and getting all slinky, whoops, someone get me a piano to lounge on

I'm afraid of listening to messages on my phone, I like things that are ancient and Greek and invented

I'm constructing a dubious fucking multiverse in my spare time that started with the memory of a jar filled with big and unappetizing jelly beans



I will probably delete this later but in the meantime, hello. ♥


ghosts are assholes
the cupcake vixen?
this is the song!
and everybody's
gotta sing along,
but it hasn't got a chorus
God damn it all.
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
every last one of you
right now!
(the mountain goats,
'carmen cicero')

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